The company DIDA provides full service begining from consultancy, designing, supply, assembly up to initial revision and maintenance service as follows:


- Fire Detection System   Siemens(Cerberus), Lites, Aritech, Bosch  
- Intrude Protection Systems    Siemens(Cerberus), Aritech, Paradox, Jablotron, Bosch,   
- Private Branch Exchanges, Paging Alcatel  
- Closed Circuit TV              Bosch, Siemens, Aritech, Samsung, Baxall, Phillips,   
- Computer Networks   Cisco, Alcatel, 3com, Planet, Nexans
- Access Systems    Aritech, SVYDO 
- Light-current Distribution Systems
- Heavy-current Distribution Systems
- Elektronic locking solution     


- designes external light–current telecommunication distribution systems and distribution systems for cable TV in scope of general city plan and draft drawings.


Company can provide this services by own workers trained directly at manufacturers of single devices.


Fire Detection Systems: DIDA Company offers top technology of  SIEMENS, GE INTERLOGIX and LITES. SIEMENS as the only well known producer offers the revolutional AlgoRes system using the latest informations of latter technologies of signal analysis and logic merger. It has an excellent believeable of fire detection, it is very reliable and has aesthetic appearence. All devices used by DIDA Comp. are proved under Quality Standard and valid EN Standards. Long-term high quality of products is certified by VdS Certificates. Company participates in development  of new elements of FPS as well new FPS console for voluntary firemen departments and others. Company provides Day and Night service all over the Slovak Republic.


Intrude protection Systems: DIDA Ltd. is aiming at  top devices in this sphere. At present it resolves protection of buildings by exchanges of GE-INTERLOCK, PARADOX, and SIEMENS. In principle they are computers designed in accordance with latter demands on protection systems.This exchanges are recomended by criminological  institute for structures with higher degree of danger, e.g. banks, jeweleries etc.. This devices   enables the company to fulfil  demands of investors i.e. from outdoor protection up to protection of rooms and safe-deposit boxes. Detectors are manufactured by the help of SMD technology, controlled by central processing unit. Most of detectors are dual – either double PIR system or PIR+MW system. This reduces false alarms.


Private branch exchanges.

The company provides arrangements from small systems to big several hundreds branches systems. Since 1992 the company has been a dealer of ALCATEL and step by step it became on of biggest purchaser of it. PBEs of ALCATEL are digital tel. exchanges with all properties of new generation exchange.  System is adaptable for ISDN environment  which enables to join networks of voice, data, text and image communications into one network which provides the user all communication services by through the mediation of one connection wiring.


Closed Circuit TV

The company as one of first companies in Sloavkia started to use digital record into PC in video-displays. Digital recording devices meet all expectations which analogue devices couldn´t met. Mainly cameras from GE-SECURITY and VCL are used for CCTV. Transmission of video signal and telemetry is possible through whatever media from cable to wireless ones. DIDA comp. extends cameras direction finding and choice of optimum camera lens free of charge. DIDA Ltd. is a supplier of complete town systems named „Safe Town“.


PC Network – Structural wiring.

All of active and passive components are of category 5 and over 5 produced by prestigious manufacturers as AMP, ALCATEL, 3COM, PLANET and ALLIED TELESYN. PC networks are designed and realized by the help of exchangeable socks with over-switching poles. After assembling an Measuring Report is always issued.


Access systems entrance and attendance check up.

Counting device and cards are produced by Israel manufacturer Linear. Systems are based on contact and contactless cards. They can be used as an employee identity card, boarding and meals check out. Software is in Slovak language and it is conform to common practice and Slovak Standards. Counting devices are full automatic, they contain at least 10 basic types of working hours interruption. Data are recorded in scanning unit then transmitted by PC network to superior computer.


In behalf of all workers of company we thank you for your trust in DIDA Ltd. Company.

Heads Of Executive:



Ing. Vladimír Dida                                                                Ladislav Fridman